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PaLM + Chroma

The Google PaLM API is now available to all AI application developers, via Google MakerSuite.

PaLM 2 builds on Google's legacy of breakthrough research in machine learning and responsible AI. It excels at advanced reasoning tasks, including code and math, classification and question answering, translation and multilingual proficiency, and natural language generation.

The PaLM API includes chat, text completion, and embedding endpoints, making it ideal for building end-to-end AI applications using retrieval. Chroma has integrated with PaLM embeddings throughout the beta, and we are excited to partner with Google AI on the public release.

We've created a Colab notebook to help you get started with PaLM and Chroma, showcasing how to use PaLM embeddings and the PaLM text completion API. Try it out here: Open In Colab.

Learn more about using PaLM embeddings with Chroma in our documentation, and learn about deploying Chroma on Google Cloud Platform here. Check out the PaLM API documentation here.

Join the Chroma and PaLM developer communities to learn more and get help with your projects. We can't wait to see what you build!

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